I Love You My Little Brother! 

I Love You My Little Brother! 

Why need a superhero when you have a brother 🙂  

I love this quote because this is so true. I just cannot imagine my life without my brother. I would miss all the fun part, all smiles and confidence that brothers give their sisters. If you ask me, yes, I love my brother and I hate him equally because he is always on a mission to annoy me whenever we are together.  

Before I got married, I don’t remember there was any day we didn’t fight. But now, when I am thousand miles away from my siblings, I now realize how much I love him. I miss the remote-control snatching fights, meal time quarrels, shopping problems and a lot more that I cannot even make that unlimited list. But now, I love him to moon and back. And whenever we meet, it’s like two best friends meeting after ages. Lol 🙂  

So, my dear brother, here are few reasons why I Love You. 

He makes me happy. 

If I am around my bro, keeping silence is impossible. He could turn anything into a funny shit and transform a bad situation into a good one instantly. He knows how to make me happy, how to lift me up. Infact he is the one I actually look forward to meet when I visit my family.  

He loves me despite knowing my flaws. 

Well this is the best thing about siblings, not just brothers that they love you unconditionally. No matter how bad you become, how evil you behave, they always love you. So, my brother, this is another reason why I love you dearly because you know I am short tempered and I panic but still you deal with it and love me in return. 

He keeps my secrets. 

Growing up with a brother means you guys share a lot of secrets. Secrets that you cannot tell your parents about but your brother knows it all. Be it a fight with your spouse or any issue going on in your life, your brother will always be there.  

He always gives me truthful advice. 

There are very few people in your life who are honest with you. Your brother is one of them. He will tell you if you are looking fat in an outfit. He will tell you if you are overeating and you need to stop. Lol. Yes, my brother is like that and I love this thing about him.  

There could be a lot more reasons of my love for my brother, but let’s keep it for some other time. 🙂  

Do you love your brother? If yes, share this blog post with him and let him know he is special to you. ❤  

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