A Guide to teach Toddlers Manners!

Picture this, you are at a friend’s party and all the time you are reminding your kids to say “thanks” or “sorry” or “please“. Or imagine yourself at a restaurant having dinner and feeling bad because your kids just wouldn’t listen to you!

Oh boy, I have been through this trust me and I have faced that embarrassment too. But this needs to be changed. Our kids are like a play dough, you can mold them in anything you want to. Yes, that’s what I believe that if you keep consistent and teach them good manners, they learn eventually. A good upbringing plays a big role in kids lives. So being a parent, it’s your responsibility to take care of that. Here is a simple age by age guide including tips and tricks for you so that you can teach your kids some good manners. Check it out here;

Under 2 years old kids 

Don’t expect much from these cute little monsters when you are outside or even at home. The key is to be “PATIENT” as much as you can. Try to do this with 1-2 years old kids;

Use “please“, “thank you” and “welcome” whenever the situation comes up. They will not be repeating before you but they would be understanding what you are doing.

For example, when you are dining out, tell them how to behave with waitresses and helpers. Let them help themselves in using their fork, their glass, and napkin. These things have higher impacts more than you could think. Don’t underestimate the learning power of 1-2-year-old children. They are amazing at learning anything.

Under 6-year-old kids 

Yes, the toddlerhood! In this phase, your kid would be socializing more and practicing good manners is more practical now. Skills like caring, sharing, helping and playing are more significant now. You can help him do these to make him learn good manners;

Saying “thank you” and “goodbye” would be more meaningful as they now understand why they say that. Remind if they forget but politely.

When you are outside or meeting other kids, make sure your kid is sharing toys and playing fair. This is a skill many parents forget to work on.

Teach him to shake hands and introduce himself when meeting somebody. Saying hi or hello and whether to call somebody “Mr” or “MiSS” also comes in etiquette.

Other than this, helping in organizing toys, clothes and setting the dinner table also come under good manners for 3-6 years old kids.

Remember that nothing happens in a second, and teaching manners take years. Just don’t give up and keep trying as much as possible. Some kids learn fast whereas some take a little more time. But eventually, everyone learns. Do you want to be called a bad mommy who didn’t teach kids manners? Of course not! Then don’t ignore this and start doing this now! It’s never too late.

Lots of love,

A SuperTired Mom

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