Why boys should play with cars and trucks and trains!

Why boys should play with cars and trucks!

This blog post is for moms who love Monster and Blaze, trucks and cars. So, beware guys! 

Well, we recently shifted to our new place and I realized my house was filled with trucks and cars and trains. Each and every drawer had a car, a vehicle. Our movers were surprised to pick so many cartons full of cars and trucks and I was just shocked. Who bought all this stuff?  

Of course, I bought it but I never had an idea my house will drown in these toys. A new toy while going for grocery, a little car when out for shopping, a truck gift from a guest, and unlimited times when we brought cars and trucks in our home.  

To be honest, I love my boys playing with diggers in the park, joining train tracks and fastmoving cars. They race, roll, crash and rush and what not! When I am outside with my boys, they notice if there is a dump truck, a cement mixer, a van, a garbage truck or a tow truck and trust me I used to call all kinds of trucks just TRUCKS before my boys came in this world.  

That’s how your life changes when you have boys. Relatable?  

But do you know, while playing with these rolling cement mixers and fastmoving cars, your kids learn physical skills? They learn a lot of things that we parents don’t even realize. You should NEVER stop your kids from playing with cars and trains.  

They learn imaginative skills when they play with their cars and trucks on their play mat, they learn how to imagine a different world around them. They would create everything from roads to bridges to train tracks from anything. Just like the way girls create an imaginative world with their dolls, boys do that too.  

I love my boy’s toys even more than they love their collection. They can play with cars and trucks anywhere. Whether it’s cold, it’s hot, it’s rainy, it’s snowy, kids can play with trucks anywhere without any limits. 

Do your boys love trucks and cars? Share your stories with me 🙂  

A Super Tired Mom 

(All content is copyright of ASUPERTIREDMOM. Please don’t copy without permission) 

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