6 ways to find out if your husband is suffering from man-flu! 

6 ways to find out if your husband is suffering from man-flu!So I just texted my husband how is his day going and I got a reply, “I am not feeling well, seems like I have caught flu” MOST DREADED WORDS ANY WIFE COULD EVER HEAR!  

Yeah, you guessed it right. Having a man flu is even worse than being with your dentist for root canal treatment. Men all over the world are mocked but trust me, I feel the pain. That runny nose and a mild headache are definitely more painful than delivering a baby. I got it! 

Well, if you are a new wife and your husband tells you he isn’t feeling well, make sure you know if he is just having a cold or the dreaded man flu. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for. 

Undetectable fever 

The first symptom of man flu is that it’s not detectable. Doesn’t matter what kind of thermometer you use, you will never see the fever. Yes, you can feel it while touching the forehead or maybe its just an inside fever that’s not showing up on the thermometer.  

Your husband’s voice will turn into a baby’s voice. 

This is one of my favorite symptoms, oops sorry, I shouldn’t be saying this about my husband. But anyways, you can identify this symptom when you are on call with your husband and his voice is so low and tiring. Or when he is at home and instead of yelling where are his shoes and socks, he whispers in a down voice. But mind you, that voice becomes normal when talking to his colleagues. Lol. 

An exaggerated coughing. 

I am sure you understand the difference between a normal cough and an exaggerated one that shakes the house. This is another symptom of “man flu”. Watch out, girl! 

Napping all time. 

I know we, moms are not even allowed to nap whenever we need to but husbands are lucky enough to do that anytime, any day and for as long as they want to. When you see there is an excessive napping, even during weekends, keep that in mind that man flu is here to hit your husband. You are welcome to leave the home and take the kids too.  

Unable to look after the kids. 

Yes, I understand you are in the kitchen and your kids are making you crazy but your husband refuses to take care of kids because he is not feeling well. Man flu is here! Bear with it. 

It will take more than a week to go. 

Even after napping all the time and taking medicines, your husband won’t feel better. Even after you insist, he wouldn’t even try to feel better. And after weeks, the weakness would be there.

So if these symptoms are true in your husband’s case, be sure that man flu has hit your home and you cannot deny it. Just pray it goes away soon as any doctor or medicine will not work.  

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