A Supertired Mom First ever meetup for kids and moms in Riyadh.

Hi guys, This is me, A Supertired Mom, telling you the story of how the idea of arranging meetups in Riyadh came in my mind.

Life for expats is not same here like it is back home so socializing and finding activities for kids is difficult. I wanted to make it easy and accessible for moms in Riyadh. So, after months of thinking and thinking, I decided to give it a try and plan a meetup where mommies and kids can come and enjoy together. This Idea was originally presented by one of my friends and I loved it. I just needed a little push to make it possible. So here we are!

Deciding venue was a difficult task because I wanted a spacious place where kids can do some fun activities in Riyadh and moms can talk and have a cup of tea. After a lot of struggle, I chose KFC takhassusi branch road Riyadh. This place is just love. A clean sitting with a perfect play area for kids and quite spacious. The location was too easy to find.  So I finalized the day and timings and spread the word.

The response was overwhelming, awesome and just beyond my expectations. Atlast on 13th of October 2018, we planned it. Around 12 moms came with their kids. All Kids loved coloring, tracing and making cute crafts. We did these activities in 2 hours of time.

  1. Coloring the worksheets
  2. Tracing 123 and ABC
  3. Making I LOVE YOU MOM cards
  4. Using popsicle sticks to make pom pom flowers

These photos were sent by a very dear friend AALIYAH ❤

After the activities, kids had their lunch and played in the play area. KFC people were too cooperative and we loved our time there.

Next meetup is coming soon 🙂

Stay tuned guys ❤


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