Dear Mommy, you are going to miss those dirty hands one day! 

Dear Mommy, you are going to miss those dirty hands one day!

I was working last night and it was around 2 am. My little one was not sleepy so I gave him some coloring sheets and colors so that I could do some work in peace. A few minutes later, he brought me this coloring sheet and told me can you write “ I LOVE YOU, MAMA”?

I was surprised a bit and hugged him because I was not expecting this at all. I was in tears because I know, one day, I am going to miss all this few years later.

One day there will be silence in the home and nobody would ask me to draw or write something. Those small hands will not need my help and I am going to miss those cute moments terribly. Your kids will grow up and there will be a long break, you won’t be looking for a small break like you do now.

There will be no overflowing laundry baskets or endless cleaning and dishwashing. But let me tell you, you are going to miss this all one day. Those carpet stains, muddy hands, messy rooms, dirty faces, and tantrums are going to end soon and you would want to have them again.

So why not cherish these times now, as much as we can! Why not tell ourselves that there is no competition of being the best mom in the whole world and the only thing that matters is how much love you and your kids share.

I am not saying this is easy…Motherhood is hard and I lose myself almost every day but every time I recover, I tell myself that its okay to feel bad, its okay to feel sad and feel guilty because that’s what all mothers feel! There is no perfect mother image. We all are imperfectly perfect.

So next time when you feel like running out of the home and nobody understands you, be sure that I understand you and I am another mom with same feelings like you have. After you put yourself together, smile and tell yourself that this time will pass soon and you are going to miss it.

Love more..🙂

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