5 ways to prevent common flu and infections in children? 

So again this time of the year has come when there are runny noses and coughs and colds. Not only kids, but even adults also fall victim to infections.

Sadly there is no cure for common flu and viral infections in kids. Whenever weather changes, almost every kid catches an infection and because of schools the infections often get worse with time. Antibiotics are used widely to fight infections but they don’t work always. All you can do is to take extra care of your kids and make them feel comfortable when they are sick. You can take your kids to the doctor and get medicine but it takes almost a week to recover. Only caring afterward and taking extra measures can help.

Here are 5 ways to make your kids feel better and avoid infections this fall;

Get a Humidifier 

Putting a cool mist humidifier in your home, especially in your kid’s room helps in congestion and keeping the atmosphere moist. Just make sure to clean and disinfect the humidifier regularly to avoid growth of bacteria and mold.

Wash hands properly 

Kids are always in a hurry so washing hands everytime they eat anything or come home from outside is a hassle but very important. Ask your kids to wash hands after using the washroom, after coming home, after playing, after sneezing and even after coughing. Let them wash their hands in soapy water properly to wash off all the germs.

Avoid sharing cups and bowls at home 

If your one kid is sick, make sure you are not letting other kids share his towel, cup or plate. Sharing is caring but not in this case. Germs may transfer and make other kids sick too.

Avoid play areas  

Kids love play areas and trust me, I love going to McDonald’s and have their burger but when your kid is sick, don’t do that. Instead, avoid going anywhere crowded because there will be a higher chance to catch infections in play areas as they are dirty and full of germs.

Try giving honey lemon 

People have been using honey for centuries to treat illnesses. Honey can do wonders for sick kids. Try mixing a tbsp of honey with few drops of lemon juice and give it to your kid. Doesn’t matter if he is sick or not, its good in building immunity. Make sure you are not giving honey to your child under one year of age, as it’s not safe for infants.

If you have any other remedies you would love to share, please share ❤

lots of love,

A Supertired Mom


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