Being a mom is hard- and So is being a Father!

Being a mom is hard- and so is being a Father! 

There was a time when I used to sleep without any worries and my weekends were all about outings and rest. Now I am married, I have two super active kids and sleeping is a luxury. Weekends are meant for homework, preparing school projects, doing laundry, kids shopping and everything related to kids. Parenting, yeah! 

My days are long and exhausting with never-ending house chores and grocery trips and what not. Being a stay at home mom, I spend more time with my kids as compared to my husband. He leaves early in the morning after breakfast and comes back in the evening. Then he joins us for dinner and then there is hardly an hour remaining before the bedtime. This is our normal routine. It seems so simple but it’s not. There are days when motherhood pushes me to the edges of my strength and I feel isolated and depressed.  

Especially when my husband comes home and I am in a bad mood, he asks what did you do all day and this makes me angry. Because I think he doesn’t understand how hard it is to manage home and kids and if you work from home, then it’s like a double working shift for you. My anger starts to grow in this soil of doubt that he doesn’t understand me.  

This is right to some extent but guess what, this is not 100% right too. I know I crave for some alone time or some adult time with my friends but I don’t get it. I get jealous of my husband as he gets to see his friends and co-workers every day but I don’t.  

But here is the thing girls where we take it all wrong. If I am working hard at home with kids, feeding kids, taking care of home and my family, my husband is doing the same for us.  

If I have to get up early for school and office run and make breakfast and prepare lunches,  my husband also gets up at the same time and leaves the comfort of home and goes out to earn for my family.  

If I have to schedule appointments and parent-teacher meetings and doctor visits, my husband is also working at the other end to earn so that we can pay for all this. 

There is a lot of talk about stay at home moms not getting enough attention and appreciation but have we ever talked about how hard our husbands work?  

My husband and I work as a team. We are having this family together and raising kids together. Our roles are different, our working situations are different but our goals are the same. The goal to keep our family happy and healthy. 

It is easy to focus on just what you do and see what are you sacrificing and ignoring what my husband does but I won’t let this happen. We are together in this and I want to think like this always.  

So if on those bad days, you ever feel like you are doing all the hard work, sit for a minute and try to remind yourself that your partner is also doing same. 🙂  

Lots of Love, 

A Super Tired Mom. 

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