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Chicken Tikka Sandwiches Recipe:

I am a big sandwich person. Party hai… sandwiches bana lo.. bahir jana hai? Sandwiches rakh lo.. guests arhay hain! Sandwiches bana lo.. mujhe khush krna hai? Sandwiches khila do 😀 ha ha.. So yes sandwiches are like a part of my heart.

I always always make sure I have snacks and food whenever I travel. So that we don’t have to eat bahir ka khana as long as we can avoid. Sandwiches are a quick fix.. bachay aur baray sab araam se kha letay hain 😊

So I made these chicken tikka sandwiches recently and we all loved them. Sharing the recipe here kyun ke inbox is filled with RECIPE KAHAN HAI? Queries 😊 you guys are love. Anyhow. Sharing the recipe here, gappain khatam.


Take boneless chicken cubes and marinate it with chicken tikka masala and yogurt. Set it aside for 30 mins and then heat some butter and add the chicken to the pan. Cook it till it changes color and add a bit more tikka masala just before turning off the stove. Now let it cool down and take mayonise, paprika and little bit of ketchup in a bowl. Add the cooked chicken and mix well. Then spread it on the bread slices and in the end just grill them. Ta daaaa..

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