romance is not always fancy


romance is not always fancy
romance is not always fancy

I was craving for a yummy shawarma and I texted my husband can we have it tonight!

The reply was, “I will try” I brushed it off.. cooked rice and lentils.

My husband came back with a shawarma and my favorite icecream. I was surprised and happy!

Kids asked him why he brought this as we had exactly same shwarma a day back. Husband told him that your mother wanted to have it.

That’s when I knew, my son will be a loving husband too.

Do you know why! Because he watches his father taking care of his mother.

He is learning, how to love his future wife.

We want our sons to learn that sometimes you need to show your love using these sweet gestures.

Romance is not always about roses and date nights.

Romance is washing that sink full of dirty dishes.

It is shown by ironing each other clothes.

And that’s how my sons will learn while watching us!

Husbands should be strong, not bossy!

And admist all the chaos and messy times.

I wish he remember that marriages take hard work of years, working together for each other, with each other!

Because this is how we can bring a change.

That’s how we can teach our sons to be better husbands.

I really wish, our generation of mothers bring this change and break that notion that if a husband loves his wife, he is weak.

Love isn’t a weakness. It’s strength!

Do you guys agree?

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