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How to make me happy? Simple!

Buy me food.

Cook me food.

Be my food.

It’s so simple lol. Sometimes I think I should change my Blog name to “superhungymom”

Because most of the time I am eating!

Coming to the post, @bateelgourmet guys asked us to visit them and try out their new seasonal menu. If you are from KSA, you must know Bateel is famous for it’s premium dates and desserts. I was so excited to go that although it was freezing cold outside, I decided to go!


Best decisions ever, haha.

We loved the new menu. I always get Caesar salad wherever I go. Loved the fresh salad at Bateel. We got Smoked Salmon and Avocado, Mushroom soup, Bateel signature club sandwich and Teriyaki Beef Ribs. Kids got their favorite pasta with a fancy name, “Rigatoni All’Arrabiata”


Everything was finger licking good. Their chia seeds pink lemonade was literally one of the best drinks I have tried so far.


For desserts, we got a chocolate brownie cake, Almond delight and Dhibs Millefeuille. Almond delight was the best among these.


Thank you Mr Bon and Mr Mario for serving us delicious food and for all the recommendations and explanations. We loved our time and the food.


Would I go back there again? Yes! Everyone asks me if I really loved the food if I go somewhere and I decided to share my opinion openly from now on. So yes, it’s a good place with fancy food and fancy prices but worth your money.


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