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It was supposed to be a movement to help women who face rape, abuse, discrimination and a lot more just because of their gender. I know you must be thinking this aurat march is not right thing or we shouldn’t talk about it because everyone has taken it in such a wrong way. Everyone is literally exploiting this slogan,


Everyone is using this slogan for their benefits. And this is sad I know! But if you promise me to not judge me and read this post till end, I will tell you exactly how its going wrong. And how it should be!
Pakka promise? Alright then let’s talk about it 😊

The first thing, I feel so bad when people say haw haye when somebody is talking about aurat march. What haw haye? Why haw haye? You don’t like something? Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!
You don’t like rape? Its happening still! Then don’t say haw haye when somebody talks about it.
You don’t like forced marriages, then don’t say haw haye when somebody talks about it.
This march is not going to help any women if we don’t understand the REASON behind this march. Nobody wants to roam around naked because they want to. Mera jism meri marzi does not mean that. It means, women don’t want to get raped. They don’t want forced pregnancies.

Have you ever wondered what a 15 year old girl or even younger girl goes through when she gets pregnant after rape or a forced marriage? Yes? No? think about it.

This aurat march is for them. But sadly, people have exploited it to benefit their ideas. Take the example of this Khalil ur Rehman and Marvi argument. I don’t any of them but the way he talked to her on a national television, that was wrong. But she provoked him continuously to get that anger burst out. Both were wrong.

Is this what we are going to get from aurat march?

Revolutions kabhi bhi asan nai hotien. I want to roam around in my country and I don’t want anybody to stare me or cat call me. Is that a lot to ask ?

I want to go out and work in an office but I don’t want my boss to flirt with me just because he can do it and he thinks if I say something he will fire me. And later everyone will say, you were wrong. I don’t want that! Kia ye galat hai ya sahi hai?

These issues don’t disappear suddenly. You have to change the mentality of a nation and that’s not easy. When we talk about women’s rights, we talk about the freedom for them. Freedom to choose a life partner, freedom to work, freedom to give birth to kids, freedom to do anything they want. We don’t mean freedom to prostitute. There is a difference. Why don’t we all realize that?

A friend of mine was sexually abused by her Quran teacher within her home. Her mother trusted the Qaari sahb and when she told her mother about it, she told her to stay quiet. Because if anybody gets to know about it, to sab kia kahenge?

This is how our society thinks and acts. Aur kia expect krenge.

I am not saying agree with me or anybody roaring those words, mera jism meri marzi.
Lekin mera jism meri marzi means na tou qari sahb ki marzi na ksi driver ki na ksi cousin ki aur na shohar ki jabtak meri marzi na ho. Is that too much to ask?

I have seen women who face marital rape and forced pregnancies and abortions but they cant say anything because shohar is majaaz e khuda. Men hate women who talk about women rights and I see posts and comments from men saying ISLAM NE SAB HAQ DIYE HAIN AURAT KO. Kia app wo sab haq poray karte hain?

I am proud of the aurat march happening and women speaking against the abuse. I am not with women who are promoting vulgarity or any kind of stuff that’s against Islam. But I support them who are trying to create awareness for women in real ways.

I have 2 sons and I know when they will grow up, I am responsible if they cat call anybody or touch anybody without their consent because this stupid line has corrupted minds “ LARKI KI NAA MAI BHI HAAN HOTI HAI” nahi hoti naa mai haan.

I really hope our kids grow up to be a better generation than us. And that’s why aurat march is important.

If you don’t agree with me, that’s okay. You can skip this 😊


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